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Meet Jennifer Speenburgh, dynamic Mindset Coach and founder of Well Source Development with more than 20 years in the corporate training and coaching space.

Since the inception of Well Source Development in 2008, Jennifer has been a sought-after provider of a variety of health and safety trainings for corporations of all industries and sizes, communities and youth.

In addition to helping groups and individuals broaden their horizons in learning life-saving emergency care skills or maintain their required certifications in CPR and First Aid, Jennifer is a trained personal improvement coach who brings a unique perspective in harnessing the power of the mindset to improve overall quality of life.  Specializing in the areas of smoking cessation, navigating life transitions and improved interpersonal relationships, Jennifer will help you identify and overcome the obstacles that are holding you back, and develop a clear plan of action to help you move forward with confidence.

Whether you're an individual looking to improve your personal and professional life or a company seeking to train your employees and boost your team's performance, Well Source Development will help you achieve your goals and elevate your success.

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