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Coronavirus Information

At Well Source Development the health and safety of the communities we serve is always our top priority.


In addition to the standard preventing disease transmission (PDT) procedures that are followed (including limiting the student-equipment ratio; single class use of all disposable manikin lungs; sanitation of equipment after each class with OSHA-approved disinfectant; single student use of clean, individually-wrapped personal protective equipment (disposable gloves and breathing barriers*), the following additional safety and personal hygiene measures have been implemented:


  • Limiting the student-equipment ratio to 1:1 (instead of the standard 2:1) until further notice

  • Hand washing: class participants are required to wash their hands prior to any skills practicum work/use of the equipment

  • Face masks: Instructor will wear face coverings; students will be asked to bring their own masks to class.

  • Classroom disinfectant supplies:  we have recently changed brands in classroom use disinfectant wipes to the Flex Wipes brand.  Flex Wipes are a commercial grade of cleaning wipes used in schools, public restrooms, hospitals and healthcare facilities, gyms, etc, that are effective against a broader spectrum of bacteria, fungi, both animal and human viruses (including human Coronavirus and SARS Associated Coronavirus). Manikins are disinfected in between each student use.

  • Social distancing:  A blanket statement is made in all classes asking that for those class participants who feel ill to not participate in any skills-based/practicum work (should that circumstance arise Well Source Development will work with those individuals on a case by case base to arrange an alternate date to provide the opportunity for practicum/skills participate for any certifications needed).  We are also not hosting any large meeting events or classes that exceed 10 or more attendees/class participants until further notice.

*Breathing barriers are not applicable in youth classes as compression-only CPR is taught.

Classes or events of 10 or fewer attendees will be hosted and delivered as scheduled unless and until there are specific directives otherwise from any local health departments and/or our state or the federal government.  At this time and until further notice classes provided are limited to those based on necessity, only (for groups and individuals who require a current certification for a trade, professional license, occupation, etc). 


As always, it's our goal to provide a safe and effective learning environment, to educate our class participants about community-spread infectious disease in general as part of a basic first aid training, and practice those very PDT protocols in the classroom.

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